Ensuring that the final product is developed in coherence with the objectives of the client, the 3D modeling stage as well is an important step in the product design and development process. With the 3D configuration of the product Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen specifies and visualizes all the product details in a very accurate and objective way. At this stage more technical and functional aspects of the product really takes form, and a greater number of detailed concepts and products can be modeled and bring more innovative design solutions.


The very progressive and dynamic working method at Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen enables the industrial design department to modify the 3D models rapidly after any feed back from the client and/or end users. Also adjustments are possible in accordance with the subsequent product development stages and the tooling and production possibilities.


In the industrial design department at Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen we have specialists in the 3D modeling program ‘Rhino’. With both industrial designers and design engineers working closely together, both design and technical sub functions of the product will be taken under consideration.